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Ezra Bridger

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Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, from the Star Wars Rebels TV show.


20YA Submission: Ezra and Kanan v1.pdf


This deck, with its thematic emphasis on teamwork and growth, was inspired by two famous Geektopia decks that were included in the 10-year Anniversary Expansion:  Ahsoka Tano and Luminara Unduli (both available at https://www.geektopiagames.com/).  From the Ahsoka deck came the idea of a card that declines in power after repeated use and must be re-charged with a reshuffle; and from the Luminara deck came the idea of shared cards and cards that become more powerful as the characters are adjacent.


The result is, mechanically, a fun deck that I think is an incredibly thematic depiction of the relationship of Ezra and Kanan in the Rebels show.  Like in the show, Ezra will be BRASH early on, but will require Kanan's guidance (through FORCE VISION) and perhaps self-sacrifice (NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR) to ensure he eventually follows the PATH OF THE JEDI.  Meanwhile, the pair's teamwork allows them to be unpredictable (with the reshuffle effect of FORCE VISION) and more powerful (with the incredibly efficient no-action and card draw effect of WE ARE REBELS and the ability to recycle their most-needed cards with STRONGER TOGETHER).


Like the pairing in the show, this deck takes time to ramp up and is dependent on teamwork.  Kanan is key to the deck, and (unlike Ezra) damage done to Kanan is permanent.  This requires a malleable strategy game to game, and it often makes sense to have Ezra protect Kanan early on, until Kanan's best cards are available.  Facing Ezra and Kanan, it is usually advisable to eliminate one as quickly as possible, before the deck's powerful engine begins working.  Spreading your damage between the two is usually not a winning strategy against this deck.


If you download and play this, let me know on Discord how it goes!

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