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Grand Inquisitor

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The Grand Inquisitor (from Star Wars Rebels, season 1)


20YA Version: 20YA9 Grand Inquisitor CRFR787.pdf

20YA Live Action Alternate Art:  20YA9 Alt Art Grand Inquisitor CRFR787.pdf  (same cards but updated artwork based on the Obi-Wan show)


As a fan of Unmatched, I've been trying to bring some of the cool ideas created for that game to Epic Duels.  One of my favorite Unmatched characters is Sherlock Holmes (https://unmatched.cards/umdb/decks/sherlock-holmes), whose deck has a true detective feel of using deduction to learn about (and then exploit) an opponent's cards.


I thought some of the ideas in that deck were a great match for the main antagonist of the first season of the Star Wars Rebels show, the Grand Inquisitor.  In the show and the related comics, the Inquisitor is obsessed with knowledge, including understanding lightsaber forms and the hidden secrets of the Jedi Temple archives.  


The most powerful cards in the deck (SO PREDICTABLE and PAIN CAN BREAK ANYONE) are based on the theme of knowing an opponent's hand and exploiting that knowledge.  The Inquisitor's movement card (HUNT THEM DOWN) supports this by allowing him to move, learn about an opponent's hand, and then attack; and another attack card (DEADLY PRECISION) lets him act on that knowledge to remove an opponent's most needed cards at just the right time.


However, that's not the Inquisitor's only trick.  His most common attack card (PATIENCE) punishes opponents with mind games by requiring a random discard when they defend the attack.  And if an opponent refuses to take the bait, the Inquisitor can up the ante with WORTHY OF MY TIME, a defense card that will almost require an opponent to burn defense cards (right into the teeth of SABER INQUISITORIUS) until he hits with the final blow.


But the Inquisitor's strength is also his weakness.  With a Magenta basic deck and low power defense, you cannot afford to make a mistake and waste SO PREDICTABLE on a low attack (or lose too much health playing WORTHY OF MY TIME against a high attack), so predicting your opponent becomes imperative.  


Have fun, and let me know on the Discord what you think!



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