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Custom Characters

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Light Side 

Dark Side 

Cal Kestis 

Second Sister 

Jaro Tapal 

Ninth Sister 

Cere Junda and Greez Dritus 

Taron Malicos 


Sorc Tormo 

Saw Gerrera and Mari Kosan  

Haxion Brood Bounty Droids 

Bonus Creature:  Oggdo Bogdo


Light Side  Dark Side / Fringe 
Cal and Merrin  Bode Akuna
 Dagan Gera                                              
Cere Junda (Survivor)                    Rayvis
 Caij Vanda

Bonus Creature:


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra  Doctor Aphra and 0-0-0 and BT-1 
Star Wars: Bounty Hunters  Beilart Valance and Nakano Lash 
Star Wars: The High Republic Keeve and Sskeer
Dark Horse Comics: Tales of the Jedi Nomi Sunrider and Master Thon  



Light Side  Dark Side 
Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus  The Grand Inquisitor 
Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios   Grand Admiral Thrawn 
Hera Syndulla and Chopper  Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother  
Hondo Ohnaka (Clone Wars cameo)  Agent Kallus  


The Bad Batch Hunter and Omega
Wrecker Tech Echo


Episode Characters
1: The Duel

The Ronin and R5-D56

2: Tatooine Rhapsody Tatooine Rhapsody (Jay, Geezer, Lan, and K-344)  
3: The Twins  Am and B-20N
  Karre and R-DUO  
4: The Village Bride F and Valco
5: The Ninth Jedi Lah Kara and Lah Zhima  
6: T0-B1 T0-B1 and Professor Mitaka  
7: The Elder The Elder  
8: Lop & Ocho Lop and Yasaburo  
9: Akakiri Tsubaki and Princess Misa  


Inferno Squad Iden Versio, Gideon Hask, and Del Meeko


The Rathtar Rathtar
DSD1 Spider Droid DSD1 Spider Droid
Bx-Series Commando Droids BX-Series Commando Droids
Maul, Conqueror of Mandalore

Maul, Conqueror of Mandalore

Anakin, by Anakin Anakin, by Anakin  
74-Z Speeder Riders 74-Z Speeder Riders


Din Djarin and Grogu The Mandalorian and Grogu
Kelleren Beq Kelleren Beq

Drash and Skad

Drash and Skad  


Light Side  Dark Side 
Luthen Rael    


Light Side  Dark Side 
    Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati




Location Map
Jakku  Jakku Graveyard of Giants.pdf
Scarif  Scarif Beach png file
Bogono Bogano Vault.pdf  
Starkiller Base Starkiller Base.pdf  
Jedha Jedha Streets.pdf  
Crait Crait Salt Flats.pdf  



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